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aided by the study of structural and morbid anatomy ; and its

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' gBect ed by Renault, of persons bitten by the wolf, 164, about two-thirds,

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chronic stage, what must be its effect on a part still laboring under in-

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index 0.7 ; blood pressure in the radial artery 105 mm. Hg.;

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tation of the vertebrae, as indicated by the prominence of the

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the purpose of carrying it out." A vital issue in the case

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ment of Science, writes iodid, bromid, iodin, etc. In

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absolute as possible. The earlier the diagnosis is made and

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cially the primary form of old age ; contraction of the muscular or

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brought into the table, nor in the lists do the same names appear

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without any otherwise assignable cause, with more important disturb-

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It is known that there are three kinds of sugar which are commonly taken

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and not necessarily any eversion of the foot. Marked

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.region ; Intradural ; female, 52. Severe pains over lower ribs ;

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Since the inauguration of the Obstetrical Society in 1858 it has

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if not syphilitic or tubercular should be removed. Com-

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compared with pigs which had grazed sorghum, peanuts, or chufas,

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angular piece of bone should consist of the last two sacral

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of metastatic reflex in the more remote regions of the body,

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according to the statements of the vaginal operators, if the bowel be

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P.S. Perhaps I might be allowed to add (which, how-

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la electrolisis ; curaeion. Rev. de cien. med., Habana,

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period of disappearance is from twenty-four to thirty-six hours. In the case

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being necessary to Hrst clearly tix a thought before giving expression. There was

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disease, and are most likely to be relieved by measures directed