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vestigated an epidemic of scarlet fever in the Soldiers' and
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Dr. Ihiclos has employed the nitrate of silver in the manner described in a great
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here represented by the abdominal viscera. These ascriptions of
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In acute anaemia, or where a great amount of arterial blood has been
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to grow in long curls, so as to hide the ears. This gentleman soon
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everted. The wound will, besides, be attended with more or less
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eaters was then spoken of, and it was shown that some were thin,
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spect for gentlemen of the law ; but we nevertheless
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hand, applied over the clavicle, easily perceives the crepitation.
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5. Hopmann. Bericht iiber die 21. Section der 60ten Natur-
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Company, the manufacturers of that reliable dietetic preparation, Imperial Gra-
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of the blood of diabetic patients. The serum had a milky ap-
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A. Fordyce, of New York ; A Further Study of Alopecia
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ful toxins. The urine in nearly all cases, shows indican, and
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fatally. The form of the disease is distinguished as hemorrhagic ruheola.
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although varying in different animals, it is in pliysiological
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milk One report suggests that concentrations in breast
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be gradually resumed, first liquids, egg-water reinforced by
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further observed that during the existence of a chill the temperature
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aatioOs may accompany the attack, but tbere is eeldom a weli-prouniMJ J
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A unanimous vote of thanks for the extreme kindness
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Page[in the'Aiena"]. Med. Brief, St. Lou is. 1893, 161-107.
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The nose-piece, which is an appliance screwed to the lower end of the
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good there is going, be it in the sphere of intellect or other gratification. Both the
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Several authors have associated with loa infections the so-called "Cala-
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of jotmeymen belonging to ^ lesser trades, besides ten
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the patient showed grave muscular weakness everywhere and double
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riority over Venesection, Mercury, Purging, &c., which, while
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judging of its value, that it is not, as with most other dis-
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stage were arrested during 13))7 for street solicitation, and
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tines, etc. In three other cases the real nature of the disease was not sus-
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