pharmacological action and the well-recognised toxic effects of
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bach, and the other by Dr. Monro, discusses the surgical relations of these
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terectomy for small multiple fibroids giving rise to
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prompt and efficient manner in which they acted in my behalf.
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say whether they will insist upon qualification by all those
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confirmed by Anderson and Frost.- The insect-borne theory seems to
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Bright's disease, etc., the prognosis is always very unfavorable. Under cer-
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In the fasciculus for June, 1886, of the JRivista Clinica
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contrast to other signs of imperfection, the eyelashes are often
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very soft without being fat, and both its coronary arteries , as
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although no special organ be allotted to it, is less energetic, —
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expiration of his present leave of absence, will proceed to Fort
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Birmiiiviham and the Black Country, in Liverpool, Manchester,
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to the immediate locality acted upon, but extends that in-
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The New York Board of Police Surgeons. — Eighteen
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lief of labor pain with paracervical anesthesia is em-
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formed in the cells of the electric organs by the action
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clx. No. 2, p. 188), Kolmer and Lucke {Arch. Dermat. and Syphil.,
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have to give a certain minimum number of lectures. If they
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render their attacks less nocuous and fatal. — Marylatui
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advising him upon them. It has exercised a very active part
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chirurgie. In 1892 he voluntarily resigned his chair of clinical
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monia), and the refuse of beasts slaughtered for food.
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its fourth Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Mo., October 5th,
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than two after he had been pronounced free from the
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results from the violence of the heart's action, without any previous structural
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few months of such unfamiliar, distasteful, and eminently
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typhoid fevers were very common in this region, the
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The scrutineers appointed were Dr. W. A. Young, Toronto, and
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sugar reached 0.182 per cent, contains just a trace of sugar. The renal threshold,
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operate as soon as the presence of pus is assured ;
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Clinical interest in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia dates