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difficult deglutition ; and they are always attended with
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Diagnosis. — ^When the lesion is in the brain the paralysis
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gards our own experience, we have little to say in its favour.
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enteritis and cholera infantum, with marked intestinal lesions, there is
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after being ill for more than three weeks. He was born in Shelbourne, N. Y., on
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backs of her hands, and reaching sometimes to the elbows. The
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Neurologist to the St. Agnes Hospital ; Assistant Physician to the
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ise. This is interesting because it recalls the fact that
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lies the duty, the power and the privilege of decision ; even
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ent portion of the tube, the necessary consequence would be a diminution
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of our city hospitals ; and, in spite of all remedies, lasted for six
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ever, when the ball has not touched the cartilaginous surfaces, and
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tonsil in a middle-aged man. It had been seen by another
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cholesterin, neutral fats, soaps, lecithin, traces of a dias-
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speedily the feeble heart. Ether, on the other hand,
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change in the constitution of the people, he suggests that in