of peritonitis, or a case of diffuse suppuration. The indication is for
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angles at the knees and hips ; and, in point of fact,
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nected with the operation has been carefully aseptic, ab-
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support of the latter conclusion is the fact that we have seen
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mucus, but a copious deposit of earthy and alkaline phosphates,
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Obituary. — Dr. William D. Hartman, prominent as a
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angles, measured near bend of elbow, right 27 c, left 26.5 c.
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it in this position for some hours. I now applied separately the
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The Regular Course of Lectures for the Session of 1866-7, will commence on
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in great part to pass inwards by pressure. The general condition of the child
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ment, h<)wever, of a certain sacerdotal A bracudabm on the part of the ecclesiast
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This little book contains in four parallel columns most of the
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depends on the skill of the operator. There are very
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regard to the dioradin treatment, he had seen Dr. Bern-
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error of Haller, by extending irritability to all parts of the body.
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of aconite (2 parts), arnica (4 parts), belladonna (8 parts), and
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A Supposed Testicle removed from the Vagina of an Hermaph-
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however, that not a siiitilc of/icer of the medical
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the above combination is always well worthy of trial.
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fever. There is no reason for supposing that the infecting capability of the
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derived from fallacious experience. An exaggeration of individual
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more of the representative action at work in the constitution
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I have often regretted the absence of baths, for the use of
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spleen slightly enlarged. The fastigium was not marked by
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other derangement of the general health ; nor have I seen
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organism, which caused the subsequent events, found
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eft'ort of will, and afterwards they often returned with greattr
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human sujjply upon out-door clinics and our private prac-
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tion, and his observations will be just about as definite.
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