with a view of putting an end to the manifold defects
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tion. — In accordance with the recommendation of Dr.
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is properly maintained, aided, and encouraged in its ■
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much. I now present the case to the Fellows for examination.
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statement accords with the well known fact, that every effort was
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five grains three times a day and increased one grain a
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maintained regarding the school of Pharmacy. The consensus of
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Began after bronchitis ; now never quite free day or night ; severe
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which, to his mind, gave a good deal of color to the idea that
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ease is going to be as bad as ever again in a few weeks. We need not
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ntiimp was now trimmed of extra tiHauc. I'or want of better
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Clin Pharmacol 3:303-326, May 1981 11 . Greenblatt DJ
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Medicine. The staff consists of a director with three
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ance, the heat evolved ( the greater the resistance, the great-
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under diminished pressure until a crystalline deposit begins to form
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tion. Whether the hypnotic sleep and normal sleep were
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the point in regard to the diagnosis was made then as now, and
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potency." In the re{)ort of Drs. Brown and Osgood^ we find similar
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it to be a rare example of neuroma. Most ! bone,isthat generally recommended — name-,
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prognosis of the recent as compared with the earher epidemic.
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greatly impaired nutrition with associated anaemia and defective combustion
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pregnancy in a very severe case might require to be terminated ; but, as a
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ulcer, mercurial stomatitis, scurvy, pulmonary gangrene, peribuccal
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order of debate. When I think of the many members of
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ate which differs from the liffht carbonate in being
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suffering members. These symptoms having lasted for a variable
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current ; it need only be such as would freely move the ope-
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condition of health and strength, after it has Ix-en ])rostrated by sickness. The
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of influenza, reference mav be made to the investigations of Seifert,^ who
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left ; in this case also the tubes had a general upward direction, the
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importance to the risks connected with the operation.
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h. Lesions in tlie anterior cranial fossa, anterior to