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was dazed, but recovered in a minute or two. Three days after this
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cnows. I usually mix my bread with milk, because I like the taste bet-
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both terminated, favorably ; they were of a very serious nature and
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influence the course of myelitis so as to increase the proportion of cases
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formed. — (Ibid.) obstruction at the mitral valve. Now these
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the ne.xt impressions of the Wiener iroc/ieiise/irij't. In conclu-
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considerable swelling, which rose rapidly and soon disap-
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The antro-nasal operation was carried out shortly afterwards, and the antrum
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earlier group of pneumonias to which larg-e doses of alcohol
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In conjunction with the baths resisted exercises are given.
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my second patient the bulging of the hypochondrium was much less marked than in
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impossible to say whether the lesions and symptoms correspond to a single disease or
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be anaesthetized merely as a case, and that they often fail to receive
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to chide or to reprove, he will do it with moderation — he can
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logy of the Disease, and its Relation to Human Dis-
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in the latter case the dilatation often being greater upon one side than
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there is any association between cleft palate and an open foramen ovale.
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be broke, up. i In pUv Eg a portion of the recent fluid between slips of
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gradually lessened, and in a few days more he was conva-
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tendency to admit the identity of Surra and Nagana, there can be no doubt,
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Lozenges. See Trochisci, P. P., and Lozenges, under Patent
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duced by a strong moral emotion, a concussion of the brain, the destruction of a certain
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the watchful care of physicians and skilled nurses, pre-
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civilized countries was beginning to reinstate the nervous
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used by patients is about ten each ; consequently, you will
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medical clinic building with all modern features in-
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infections. Sometimes there is a tendency for the disease to recur in
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cas. Parole. Rev. internat.derhinol. [etc.]. Par., 18'i9. u. s.,
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sources of the best fighting material, while the less well-fed
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ful acts and check many evil ones before they became
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cause always produce the same disease as its effect ? 4.
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chapter in Part First. It is hardly necessary to add that the treatment of
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rheumatic pain over the eyebrow, and visions of black spots, and
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on the seventh or eighth day ; so that if the patient has been previously
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pathic, or are, at any rate, not directly connected with other diseases or