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and more still over those who have been already put to sleep.

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Yet so long as the institutions for the sick poor are

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rable in their application to the education and development of

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swollen, tense, and tender; when the vomit is just like

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purulent fibrin. The clinical record showed that the

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fifteen grains of tobacco-leaves to six ounces of water),

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But to acknowledge a debt of gratitude, is. not the onl}

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of this terrible evil, the Report suggested several remedies.

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in the knee-joint, though it is not mentioned in surgical writings.

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ting rales disappeared. The patient was here then a

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that all uric acid concretions, whether in the shape

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551; 567. Also, Reprint. Also [Abstr.]: Am. J. Ophth.,

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the child. Besides, the use of meat with its piquant

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however, the nearest structures, the invasion of which

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Among civilised nations do we observe a noble effort to enlarge the founda-

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Table IV.—Fatality accokding to the Day of Disease upon

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the claw, and therefore, as there are two jaws, a centipede-bite will

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ature shows that tests have been made under widely differing

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Beside congenital distortions like truncated or double trachea,

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The heart presents no uniform condition : it is sometimes quite empty,

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mospherie diseascy a disease arising from telluric exhala*^

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in its action nitrite of amyl and nitro-glycerine ; but

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tliencc, may be accompani^jd, after a time, by minor attacks, quite like

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formed ; the wound healed rapidly and is now nearly well. There is

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nal catarrh occurring after the use of certain non-medidnal substances,

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of symmetrical softening of the pulvinar, on both sides, in which the legs

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coin sound, the metallic tinkle and the rales over that area, and also

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fessional liberality, and if mystery alone give them public notoriety, such

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annual number of deaths due to excessive drinldng increased

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has been, it must always be. ' Naught from nothing comes ' is a maxim

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cultural life. After his father's death, he went to learn the carpenter's trade,

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have no more to say concerning the government of the

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This operation is tedious and difficult; for this reason it is

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Mrs. T. E. W. Villiers Appleby, at their home, 226 Summit

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circulation are made by the communicating veins, which suddenly