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measure, modified, and that surgeons now resort to little,

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phocytes are normally the only cells present in cerebrospinal fluid.

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theory in any way or shape, and have not even alluded to it,

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course of lectures upon disesses of the chest, with especial reference to the physical signs.

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There is nothing harmful in this application, and I have never

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riority over Venesection, Mercury, Purging, &c., which, while

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of performing an anastomosis, which formerly in inexperienced

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stronger than he had in months. An occasional skip was felt

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13. Hutchinson's Triad : Hutchinson's teeth, interstitial Keratitis

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disinfection, the dejecta of a typhoid fever patient, or the rice-

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of the attack, he could see, hear, and understand (con-

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to dissect back the aponeurosis of the external oblique well

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Local Causes. Faulty treatment is agreed to be the most fre-

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tity of organic matters, of lime, and of nitrates, than is contained in ordinary

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never to be given to infants under two years. For the intestines calomel and

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case according to my experience. The physician, or the medical boards,

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fore, that Pasat, b<?ing considered the radix of Pestis, is only an ingenious etvmon,

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nating in Toronto, and spreading rapidly throughout the United States,

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with a short acute stage, which may be alttfgether over-

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lowed disarticulations or amputations near a lai-ge

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keep her bowels open by rhubarb and magnesia, with occa-

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though, as Professor Huxley stated, his opponent wrote

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Hughes: What put the bee in my bonnet; so to speak, is

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July — Everyway much better. Spots about gone. Iron,

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in Case III., and the right of way to voluntary urination in

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to the thoracic wall were discussed in a former article;* so I shall