to the water, witli the view of increasing its refrigerant effects.

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extensive intraperitoneal hemorrhage. (2) Traumatic rupture of the

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Jackola, Virginia Laura, a, w, sp, Polo. B.S. (Rockford C.) '25.

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luloid articles for personal wear should have the words

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knowledge of auto-intoxications and of the pathology of metabolism is in its

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gynecologists, and as a rule the above is the accepted

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Pane and De Renzi inoculated animals with the pneu-

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origin, Mr. Greenwell considers that we must look to the

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trial of this remedy in cases of surgical tuberculosis, and

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The Journal begins this month with a feature on the

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Murmur. It is an intra-ventricular murmur, or it may be called a mitral

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108. On Condurango in Cancer. Messrs. J. W. Hulke and Campbell De Morgan . 130

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who worked with it before Dr. Odling, say not a syl-

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and numerous Wood-cut Illustrations. By Augustus K. Gardner, A. M.,

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