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If we rightly remember. Dr. John Ogle was the first, or one
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Cut in very small slices a carrot, a turnip, a stick of celery,
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suitable on account of the variable retardation) ; {b) the striking
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the question of relieving the patient from the danger
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vention of new paroxysms, and for the radical cure of
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Prof. Ferdinand Cohu's little pamphlet, in German, on " Bacteria,"
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inont of the first sound :ind not rarely a soft, blowing, systolic murmur.
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sis included the contralateral breast, gastrointestinal tract,
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uterine abortion existed as to empty the uterus, he would
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sels were ligated, so that no forceps were in the road. If necessary the
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acter if the extravasation be large. The epiphyses of the long bones
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displacements. There were no deaths. Of these patients 51
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evolving, such as a transformation of the original tumor to a
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pulse beats for each period of ten seconds was first determined from the rec-
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Laboratory Tests: Not ordinarily required in otherwise healthy patients. Drug Inter-
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Dressings at 10 Burnbank Terrace, Glasgow, 31,834 bandages,
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— and uses the electric breeze of the static machine
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junction with the uterus. The affected tube becomes elongated, tortuous,
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with more or less muscular soreness. Some of these doubtless were simply
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connective-tissue encapsulation; also that the lymphatic tissue was
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of the malady demonstrates that morasses are favourable to its
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ent ; they may become ulcerated at the summit, or they
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differences with respect to the contraction and relaxation of the vessels,
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most thoroughly desperate case in which no one could hardly have
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ous ca])abilities of our mother tongue, they will owe their men-
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The medical evidence appeared to establish that the fever had
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working at forty-eight months after they were first observed to be infected.
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cluding those of Grassi and Calandruccio, who for a M'hilo thought
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man's treatment unnecessarily severe. One case of epiphora, complicated with
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When a patient experiences "a fit of the gravel," the
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