demulcents like decoction of marsh-mallow ; these lubricate the
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tween her teeth : directed a stimulating foot-bath r applied ammo-
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heat and, a feeling of oppression at the epigastrium;" which being
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lower part of the uterus produces tw< which are calculated
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on the inner surface of the thighs and abdomen and in abortive
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indirect division ; finally there are also found lesions of nerve
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The mode of infection is through the respiratory tract.
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or nothing has been said of any harm which may result from it,
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and mucous surfaces of the bowels, may appear different from the
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ance of its purity in other respects need not be insisted on.
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probable that up to the present time, cases of uncomplicated
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2. It has a selective action on the nervous system.
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thoroughly broken-down old drinkers. We are not at all sure
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found in the intestinal tumors to the adult stage ; but there is
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of local affections merely 7 having little or no agency in determining
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resemblance to a flattened, badly marked limpet- shell. This
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of the fibrous structures whatever. Assuredly, also, it is not true
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patient and the surgeon ; and, in the case referred to, its effici-
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may be found depend upon the extent of localization of the
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lupus may occur in strumous subjects; and then we have, in the
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