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Thus in peritonitis the clinical history of fever, tenderness, abdominal rigidity, declare does the disease before an obstruction has occurred, except as the obstruction occurs in the progress of the acute inflammatory action, which removes it from the field assigned to me. (a) The so-called lupus of the palate begins in small miliary growths or nodules which turn yellowish, break down, and becoming confluent leave an ulcerated surface (treatment).

Upon for this point, however, I must say I did not agree with him. The whole of the can catgut is ultimately absorbed, and no removal of sutures is Deeded. Hence drunkards, and those of broken constitutions used from any cause, are most liable to it. In some cases the chronic or recurrent character of the malady necessitates repeated doses; in others uk the exhilaration and general sense of comfort induced, result in repetition long after the ailment for which the drug was originally taken has passed aw,ay.