On her admission, we noticed paralysis of the left arm, with contracture and flexion of

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moll advantageoufly on the prolapfed parts, in order to reduce

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number from one a week to a number daily, so great as to be practi-

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ing effects the vital powers, than the excited and painful expressions of active

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to lade of nourishment, but chiefly to the abstracticm of fluids

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as an Agent in securing tin- avoidance of pain in Surgical Opera-

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than John Hilton obtained with his simple appliances

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were cleared off and the patient carefully washed and redressed.

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bronchitis which, when associated with the rather common night sweats of the dis-

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Surgery of the Kidneys. — Dr. Gustav Simon, Professor of

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whole are more affected than those of the arm, and that in the

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General. 2 Prevailing as an epidemic among bodies of troops in different

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taken by similar bodies, the product of tryptic digestion, which

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uterus, so the lower segment is only slightly stretched^

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influence of o])ium. and there is no objection in typhoid

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1 f e about 212°, putrefaction is arrested. The soft animal solids

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Throughout these early periods, as in modern times,

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had a mostunusual and complete training in complex organic analysis.

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manent core dates from the period of invasion of some acute intercur-

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tive small intestines into that more torpid receptacle,

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hundred and seventy-five times, the advantages of having a

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is well tolerated, and in moderate doses no irritation of the alimentary

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than on the right, and in both parts is increased in intensity

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t Official hydrochloric acid is diluted -nith distilled water until the aeronieter

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been a serious one. It is not germane to urge that other methods

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transl.: Arch.Ophth.,N.Y.,1891,xx,.526-536, 3 pi.— Saint-

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majority of these I received prompt and courteous replies, giving me

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Generalized tuberculosis. Alim. Orig. 30 yrs. Human and bovine type in

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F. P. C. S., Edinburgh, has been appointed to the chair of

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complished; of these we liave : (17) Simple incision;

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