many chronic diseases of the eye, particularly cataract, amau-

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was used except for quite temporary indications. The mean

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is white, without odour, slightly acid, and effloresces slightly in the

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siioiild consist, therefore, of milk, beef-tea, and chicken or mutton broth.

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regulation of the ingesta is requisite, and milk with lime-water

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•xammations should be resorted to, before any opinion can be fairly expressed

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occluded canula. Tracheotomy was performed for perichon-

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Neither the National Board of Education nor the Inter-

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man on a stretcher, for she thought it was her husband. She

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It is to be noted that normal urine gives a red reaction with

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turbances of the chylopoietic system, all of which require

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continuous suture, beginning on each side and continuing

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deal of useful information, presented in the colloquial style

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was begun under Dr. Wishart. One night she awoke up sud-

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character. The patie^it not only suffered from an accumulation of fluid,

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miliary to the size of a pea, as of irregular tubercles. Parenchyma

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bacteria which, if carried into the butter, would produce undesirable

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library law requires wide acquaintance with library methods

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of a U -shaped manometer, one branch of which can be elongated by inserting a

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passed, the cavity being daily washed out with boracic-acid solution. In

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self. The brain becomes clouded and dull, and intelligent guid-

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argue instead for the use of three categories of treatment: