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9. The Brain in relation to the Mind. By Joseph Swan, . . . 426
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entertained only after due consideration of the general condition and
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1 2 Rawle's 3d ed. 2586) is: ‘A person who has re-
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ham College, and Professor Coulter and Professor Burrage, of
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ficulty. It was seldom that lupus began with a wound.
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to the editor's two-year-old son. During the next fortnight the little
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also as an alterative and stimulant to the skin in the vapor bath.
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allowed to dry without being spread out on the sufaceof the slide. After they have dried, the
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Sir, — An uncommon case occurred in my practice recently
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The tongue is preternaturally red, smooth, and evidently exfoli-
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of which it was believed to be the cause. At an earlier period, when
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to others. He never had an apoplectic seizure as far as can be
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Ross' work in India gave a new turn to these investigations. He
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has been exercised for a short time, particularly if the ground
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often misapplied the best medicines as well as the sharpest lancets, and
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the country, and certainly a great amount of work was gone
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1895. 31. TOOTH and TURNER. Brain, 1891, part iv. 32. VAN OORDT. Deutsch.
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When the new buildings now in course of construction are completed the
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I have thus plainly stated my own position in relation to the plan
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if such a rule were to be acted upon, a great deal of unnecessary
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old man of the sea I Why not for an hour find comfort, in the pen 1 Here
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affection of the kidneys indicates that the toxic condition
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rapidly. Respiration became stertorous. Temperature
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granule and so many of another, and can vary the pro-
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Should the disease become chronic, the treatment given for the acute
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plaster cast and extending from the ribs to the knees, as seen in
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extract must necessarily be half the size of that of the
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soon prompted more extended social gatherings, until
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whose centesimal composition is constant, it is not the
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a lady, had great dyspnoea. He merely performed tracheotomy, because he
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tion of the intestines may be so severe as to paralyze
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of blood lost has varied in amount, the largest amount being
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190 Observations on the Natural History of Traumatic Tetanus.
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