has used it, it has not been of signal value, but favorable

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quires some skill to manage them, and the noise caused

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paper -by their President of that evening (Dr. Tooth) ^ on 500 cases

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t)ie junction with the Mole, butafter it has received the sewage

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In framing the statistical table of the Medical Registrar's Report

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long and straight piece of steel, to which, at right angles,

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it is the family physician, friend and advisor, who may

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ends of the broken bone together and keep them in place. This is

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incised. Towards the latter part of June, being obliged to leave town

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thalmoscope can recognise that these latter vessels are

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ture. These are characterized, not so much by hemiplegia

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With regard to the efficacy of febrifuges in general it is to be noticed that

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tilyses of either motion or sensation, functional eye troubles, spasmodic

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gressed according to schedule. The wing was increp- ^ to seven floors in

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the lesion is associated with advanced destruction of the secreting

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occurred in my own practice. The rest of them, with the exception of

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respiratory disease, such as tuberculosis, coryza, bronchitis, or influenza,

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is not so clear. Whether it be that toxic absorption produces a

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13. Full-time Foetus. — In this specimen the genito-mesenteric

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was indicated in a series of photographs. The work of a com-

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decussation, which, says liomberg, " not only affects the medulla ob-

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Special care should be taken to palpate each rib sepai-ately,

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be boiled or disinfected with bleaching-powder solution. Persons

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yellow fever patients during the first three days of the fever. All the

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doorsteps an unequalled assortment of hospitals and

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pelvic girdle. The slight movement, normally possible in

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in three weeks motion was restored. In nine weeks the patient was dis-

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Wien.med.Bl.,1887, X, 724; 756.— Berlioz (F.) Analyse

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Gentlemen, — In the two preceding lectures we have considered

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may be imperceptible, or nearly so. This absence of symptoms

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regarded an amputation as a confession of failure, so I look forward

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be used to give the direction which, when found, will be fol-

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The lymphatic glands at the root of the lung are invariably enlarged,

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