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given. Dr. Stewart first tabulates the incidence of albuminuria

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the marriages among the colored race were in the ratio of one to 58 of

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descent of the viscera ; and (2) the mobility of the lower

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purchaser any right to claim or demand entrance to the

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of apyrexia, until, having reached maturity, they multiply and cause

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The intestinal caeca are long and wavy, and extend to the posterior end.

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5th. Patn-Kiiler is an almost never-failing cure for Sudden

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from time to time, brought us out of trouble, and therefore are

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if a state can utilize its funds for a better purpose than in fostering

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tion to the diphtheria, which had commenced ten days

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suffered subsequently from pelvic trouble was evidence

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New Doctors for Illinois. — The Illinois Board of Health has grant-

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from 103° to 104°. Sometimes there is a cough from the com-

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of these preliminaries is required, and we may proceed to administer drugs

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colonial medical congress of Australasia will be held at

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* Baad before the Rlohmond Aoademy of Medicine and Bargeryf Mar 2i, 1888.

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sparingly soluble in cold alcohol, benzine, petroleum, and boiling water. It

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often a delusion, or there is an imperfect conception or mis-

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kidney for profuse tuematuria to occur, but occasionally a profuse htema-

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all the year round, but especially from June to October, the average

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accomplished and if the clamps be left upon the brocd ligaments

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curvature clearly outlined about the umbilicus in more or less natural rela-