from external piles, these were treated by the application of

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name"', the basis on which it rests is the main point

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culating mass is lessened, and the intestines fully

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the lesions of phthisis by no means excluded the possibil-

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is short, soft, and the external os admits one finger. Behind

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grandfather died of " locomotor ataxia " was obtained.

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tnanifested itself outwardly. It is certain that if he had been treated properly

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months the eyes of the infants were washed out, as soon as the

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St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; Consulting Surgeon to the National

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progress; it has been over and over again observed that epidemics of

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is easy to understand that what it can do in one way it

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We all can be witness to the above every day, as well as the parties

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FIG. 4 a. Photograph of the same specimen after maceration. A longitudinal

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truth ascertained, I question whether we should find that the

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Precautions. 1. As every urine contains traces of free carbon

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of Quinine are administered as soon as the vascular excitement sub-

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practised the character of tlic stump should be noted, especially when

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The defaib of the Pays De Yaud are as follows. Oat of

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additional advantage. Active drugging is bad in theory and worse

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confirmation of this fact, and of the errors to which

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will serve for nourishment, as is theoretically supposed by chemists.

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which, if I am correctly informed, very little has been writ-

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hemoglobinuric." Quinin in solution was given on January 12 and hemoglo-

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but I have heard from Mr. Guy that the haemorrhage still continues.

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remedy can be used with especial profit. It applies-

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gorged with blood ; this was particularly remarked in the

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tages of providing for drainage, thus preventing the reaccumulation

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wife died eight days later, and Bernard himself had

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a whit whether the case be measles or influenza, or whether it should be

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ery oedematous. A small amount of effusion was found

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majority of peo])le have been so blinded by prejudice

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