H6pital Sainte Eng^nie, 89, Bne de Charenton— 427 beds.
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With this there is often a marked mental deterioration, with increasing con-
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eased state rather than the result of some other different morbid condition.
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zatim andjHalftfac^ yioc ad ur a a am ^setlaitf at alt tliaaa. t^<^r Inttiwants,
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will be required to pay the annual registration fee of five rupees.
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Vasomotor symptoms are often seen in neuralgia. In the face especially,
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remains for hours in a position suggesting a catatonic dement; the facial ex-
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Treatment. — One of the first requisites in the treatment of psychasthenic
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a gradual improvement begins, which perhaps may go on to complete re-
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same coloring : the patient claims that he can no longer eat, that he is poisoned,
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. he rer.a ining air i ^ t<;<j ^rgm tne powder and exhausted
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cause precisety the same clinical symptoms as a tumor of the brain.
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c. Yoyr om^lfltid ««rit1nf c«^y of tht Hm 1237 (Reuert of Insfwctlon of Shell
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desire a continental degree, to enter into correspondence with the
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gery. Jumior Class prizes, two premiums — ^First, value £4; second,
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desire practical instruction in Testing for Poisons are admitted to the
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Meyer R. Lichtenstein, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine.
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turbances in the passage of urine and faeces. If, in the later course of the
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Anatomy and Physiology, and the Principles of Farriery. C. For the
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retrobronchial tymph-glands are frequently implicated. Although until now
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George C. Turner, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine.
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one book of either the Satires or the Epistles, or two books of JAyj, or portiona
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(a) Healthy Cattle. Herds supplying milk on mil itary contracts must be
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of a meshwork of fine glia fibers. We cannot say definitely to what circum-
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furnishes a new point of attack for a suppurative infection which was pre-
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or handled, it can be a source of contamination or food poisoning to the consunwr.
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Conditions of this sort have been specially grouped under the name of " mala-
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disturbances of sensibility in the mucous membrane of the mouth are
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remarkable analogy to the occurrence of secondary cerebral abscess after
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epileptic state of unconsciousness. Probably he is aroused by the aura. Be-
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certain hysterical convulsive spasms. The nomenclature is not as essential
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of his birth is stated ; or, if this cannot be obtained, an affidavit from one of the
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hematoma of the dura are often complicated and obscured by the coexistence
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by a number of physical symptoms, it is plain that the abnormal state of ex-
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they present later a chronic type of spinal disease, which sometimes lasts for
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(deltoid, serratus), and also paralysis of the movements at the elbow, espe-
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no matter in what place the pyramidal tract is interrupted or by what sort of
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for the ulnar nerve, 130 mm.; for the crural nerve, 111.5 mm.; for the
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anxiety. The disease is never actually dangerous, and its existence only ex-
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