preserve the bag of fore-waters. Should the membranes rupture pre-

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In 1907, at the meeting of the British Medical Association in Toronto,

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For clinical purposes these are best divided into two groups — multiple

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a time, causing, in some cases, restlessness and mental inactivity during

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leueoeyt«sis, as in tubercnlosis and other conditions.

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the distension of the abdomen is more general than in strangulation of

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if a hydatid of the liver has been diagnosed, surgical interference is

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with great feemingreafon, impute his being lefs fub-

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important. It slows the action of the heart, and in toxic doses may arrest

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it was found that the bones could be bent with the greatest ease, and it

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similarity of its appearance to that of the os uteri and vagina. Viewed

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the purpofes of bringing an ulcer on to cicatrifation,

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can be produced within the tissues almost at any chosen point.

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prominent feature. With quiescence of the disease, the fever may entirely

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adults in whom they are found they are distinctly abnormal and are, I

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syphilitic disease. The large vessels at the base are those most frequently

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essential identity of these masses with the miliary tubercle was main-

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abroad, suppurating hydatid, actinomycosis, tuberculous abscess, obstruction

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fmooth, and fhining ; the inftep high ; the quarters

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power than they begin to atrophy. They exhibit at an early date, when

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