or even over 60. The Parkinsonian syndrome, on the other hand, appears

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meninges. It became apparent that the colloidal gold reaction

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a second or third attack of measles occurring in several members of the

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eruption of the legs, then swelling of the glands of the left inguinal

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still virulent, was obtained by passing through a Berkefeld filter the fluid

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signs of congenital syphilis (Hutchinson's teeth, periosteal nodes, &c.) ; two

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to the curative power of a given drug under experimental conditions.

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rcKion, he (icvcloped votniting, gradually became irrational, the blood-pressuro

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gauze sufficiently fine to have them in perfect contact with the

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lethargique. Bull, et mem. Soc. med. d. hop. de Par., 1921, 3 e ser., 45, 8-11.

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dilated, but at times suddenly returns to the normal size, or may be con-

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performed, but in which a spontaneous pneumothorax developed to the

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last for a day, or intermittently for a week. It may recur frequently, or

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go on pressing the patient until he gets them. It seems to the reviewer

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from nervous and physical disturbances and complained of sweating,

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intravenous injections, which resulted in slight reduction in the degree

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I think we should always keep in mind that nervous factors, such as

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stitution, while, during the month of August, in the detached

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the procedure can be very readily determined. We were fortunate

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gique. Bull. Acad, de med., 1920, 3 e ser., 83, 539-45.

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In many of the cases there was a very manifest lessening of the

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The veins and non-necrotic areas of the parenchyma showed the lesions

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quantity of blood was lost in this case, while I was present, it

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eruptions. A few flays later the mucous membrane of the lips

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two, who had been delivered a considerable time before death.