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became greater, shewn more particularly on the male side. In every

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combination of causes ) quite delusive and worthless. By a reasonable

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turned to himself, was a gentleman of Argos and was

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of the North Eastern Railway Company, with the view of obtaining a reduction in

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a body of timid practitioners like the English apothecaries prior

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theria. After passing in review the points of difference on which most

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. ->• Mitral murmur at apex ; 2nd sound loud. 4. Grave,

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of the right lung. It thus lay below the arch of the aorta. Backwards

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skin is resuming its natural appearance. She is now able to go oul in the enjoy-

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be allotted to small-pox has, therefore, been necessarily limited by the

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were cauterised without touching the margins of the urethra. The

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The Wry-neck — **Stes . . . capiti obstipo." — II Sat. V, 92.

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more statement in the article in question. The writer says: "If, in

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gular although it undoubtedly was — for some sort of expression on the

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tion, f or to submit themselves to distressing and painful agents, as did

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38'8° to 39"i° C. ; respiration 28 to 30 ; pulse 60 to 66.

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infected, the trocar, covered by its cannula, is introduced at the lower

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announcement was made that the very object which Je soudrt was ,0 bf

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any peculiar sensation being experienced, so that the time of rupture

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the patient, draws the skin covering the base of the penis towards the

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horses and chlorine contending for the mastery, rendered a prolonged

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tion, may weaken the ventricular wall until it yields to the pressure of

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out by Dr. Henderson of Edinburgh, about five and thirty years ago.

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the glenoid fossa, and, in the complete form, two roughened tuljerosi-

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tion, inducing peeling, but did not give rise to an herpetic eruption or

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ation and spread of improvements and upon the upraising of the general

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grains of Behring's dry antitoxin, dissolved in iii fluid drachms of luke-

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Huxley, that in the comparison of the limbs we should go back to their

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forty), and applying carbolic acid and lac plaster. The carbohc acid

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nately — rendered this impossible. Meanwhile Professor Cadiot, one of

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state of its borders showed this clearly. The hernia, at first formed of

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plication of either clamp or ligature to the pedicle.

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19th April, was a five-year-old entire horse, from a stable in which,