process in the heart muscle ever advances to the stage of ulceration,
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exposure of the lateral sinus and of the dura of the middle fossa,
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nerve, the corpus trapezoides, and superior olivary body ; for division of
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continence of urine, malformations of the ears, etc. In
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in a rich and luxurious country, like ours, where in conse-
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broken, and a slight cause produces another outbreak. Usually these cases
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ever had a child, so far as a pendulous abdomen is concerned.
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The treatment of this condition by ordinary orthopsedic
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It will be well, in this connection, to allude briefly to a few other
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also he is qualified to work with your lawyer and accountant in developing the
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ever takes place, will admit of more than question ;
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Tonsils. — The tonsils may be h\T3ertrophied, but adenoid tissue is
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justice. English prison officials are not, as a class,
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sided in the Health Department, seems to have been a special
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child aged twelve years, chloroform being used. The child
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and he would be satisfied to take up a position half-way
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TVai.kkp., ALrx vnder, M.A., M.B., CM.— Medical Officer to the Paii^h of
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arbitrariness, a special series of motor and sensory processes,
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people are kept all their days on the verge of attacks of acute
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cular excavation, the evidence of the existence of emphysema would
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ently finding themselves unable to penetrate the joint.
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The lack of adequate prenatal care on the outside, coupled
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ti'eatment, movement was obtained at the elbow, semi-pro-
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years. Since 1903, after an attack of typhoid fever, patient has
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Q^ the application of Electricity to llicrapeutics.''
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isolated undoubted observations of cases without splenic enlarge-
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As you know so well, patients and their diseases and
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urea, the presence of which is probably always dependent on associated
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