We agree with Dr. S. Holmes, in the opinion advanced by him
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this the opposite or concave margin of the corpuscle is very thin and
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Unfortunately, however, the majority of cases of primary influenza
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Kinley and Roosevelt must be defeated at the polls in
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of strong meats, highly seasoned dishes, and fermented liquors, which
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life span than ever before as a result of research, im-
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Antityphoid inoculation should be made universally compulsory through-
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As one of your three delegates representing the South
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without change; its repetition may vary from half an
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ferent stages of the disease. In certain cases it is absent throughout the greater
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has been more especially true of chorea, of cerebral and spinal
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under the name of Coremium vulgare he manifestly had this same spe-
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menagerie, ought surely not to be gratified. It is certainly the duty of a
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ence observed in the character of the reaction produced (Chart 4) or
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tinal irritation removed other symptoms will subside. 1
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sive to mild sedation or thiazide therapy. Use cau-
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the city ; while the lake has not increased in water supply,
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without pay at any time according to the exigencies of the service.
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cia in determining the direction of lumbar abscess, sug-
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takes on a somewhat granular appearance. As the col-
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turning to the plains the number gradually fell off to
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mendations, without incurring thereby the risk of being misunderstood.
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sion of the abdominal muscles, according to the direction of their fibres,
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by advance of the disease or intercurrent maladies.
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During the second season, however, it appeared that the correct
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and more easily overcome than appeared to be generally supposed. In con-
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ing to award these students their M.D.’s if they are
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3d. Chlorous acid (now called chloric acid) — 1 chlorine 36+5 oxy-
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come clean and tell the truth about the financial consider-
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which, descent of steep hills and inequality of surface on the
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mamma, would be overcome, and the lymph absorbed by compression.
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just such cases seems the most conspicuous had proved by experiments on animals that
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thyroid function studies and RAl scan be performed. Cases
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able extent returned. lb- opened the mouth when asked to do SO, and the tongue
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that while the mortality from tuberculosis is decreasing
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Along this same line of long residence in the open air, the
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upon whether they pass through an impenetrable stratum. For the