air-current was as rapid as a large bellows could make it.
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before the conjoint session. Those of you who were at Pinehurst a
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ing several weeks of observation previous to operation. The rapid
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St. Louis, president; Drs. Bayard Holmes, Chicago, and Ellet
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disinfectant. Hermite used the products of electrolysis for the steriliza-
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ure, 35 per cent. ; penetrating and jierforating fract-
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but the pain is aggravated immediately after eating, and is not relieved by
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history of those cases in which a socalled insufficient
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vena cava would forbid ; and an attempted removal from
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same person. John Ware inaugurated the numerical method in the use
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representing the socio-economic-political segment of
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40 minutes after the first inhalation of the Bromine, the temperature of the rectom vis
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means or higher connexions, may wish to be decorated with
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tain. Becco believes that it is indicated when the lesion has some
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merely distended lymphatic vessels through the vaginal roof.
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last European pandemics (1847-48) the medical profession of our
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are probably flexor. In the left arm there is some muscular spasm
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side to a level with the skin ; in small pox the pimples are
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the vast majority of cases such clinically manifest
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the solar plexus and great sympathetic to the organ affected.''
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-More recently Pappenheim has suggested that the procedure may
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the genitourinary organs, or of the toxins (poisonsj they
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the number and violence of the attacks. A poor pulse
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is interrupted, which is shown by the aorta being reduced to
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the use of certain agents having the property of setting up
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retained. Aside from the rejection of the remedy, vomiting is, if possible,
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did any ill effect arise, while the patients were free from vomiting, even although
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as follows : If atropine is injected into a cat, the salivary secre-
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pupil of Boerhaave, had a strange, unfortunate career. He fell
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disintegrated, and infusorial formations commenced. Hence the Achorion
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throat, scarcely a case in which washing by syringe is not
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depth, and to cease somewhat abruptly. Under the microscope is to be seen
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with whey, when the amount of nitrogen will be kept up, while
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inflammation may be in the adnexa, pelvis, cellular tis-
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eighty-eighth year. He was highly esteemed by every member of
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