The floor had never once been washed," writes the Austrian Surgeon, Dr.

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his exhausting night sweats. On the 4th of October, however, the sweats

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with cloth to keep out the air. If the extemporaneous tape

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Spinal Anesthesia. Experimental and clinical observa-

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by means of concentration cells. A further increase in the amount

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rest, but the glomeruli have no such relief; in any middle-aged kidney, or

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is an abscess, thick walled, 4 inches long, 3 inches broad, covered with a smooth layer of

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of craft palsies state that their troubles began on or about a certain date,

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Dangling Limb, after Resection at the Shoulder. — Dr.

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neroli \ dr., essence of musk 1 dr., orange-flower water 2 oz.

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ate which differs from the liffht carbonate in being

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paratus, etc. Then follow chapters devoted to the con-

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Si'ExcER "Wells ; Dr. C. J. B. "Williams; Dr. Moxon ; Dr. Lionel S.

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Streptococcus), Meth-Dia-Mer sulfonamides have been

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sician unless as a matter of satisfaction to the parent; but the

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No. 9. List of a collection of sliells from the Gulf

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cular orifice, that it is always accompanied by a venous pulse in the

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and Surgery, and it has advanced the social concord of the

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rats, and rabbits Administration ol doses ranging from five to ten times greater

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44. Case of Rapid Deliverij. By B. W. M'Creadt, M. D., Professor of Materia

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Kinley and Roosevelt must be defeated at the polls in

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WBDN«8DAy...St. Jlary's, 1 p.m.— Middlesex, 1 p.m.— University

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mill people. From April to October he handled two beeves per week,

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the same dose. In the case of young animals, and of

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all, the real practical lesson will only be fruitful in thU as in

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bronchiectasis, and the cough then occurs only in severe paroxysms which recur

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that yellow fever is a zymotic disease, whose cause is generated by

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tution in a masked or sub-acute form, and unmarked by any easily-

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equally subject to it ; the rich and poor, the idle and in-