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character. It is desirable, indeed, that he should be convei-sant with the
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allowed to pass at the last meeting of the Legislature which is
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and epilepsies more or less dependent upon a toxic condi-
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murmur which was heard at the apex. At the commencement of the
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significance. Such, for instance, is the interesting case lately re-
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rosy is not communicable to man. For a further discussion of rat lep-
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it is more prudent to commence with one or two applications of leeches,
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and tubes are developed from the ducts of 'Midler, from above downward.
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received with interest and attention. The present work,
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by calling in another man, or by resorting to an empirical practice. "We
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umn shows the inverse ratio between this quantity and 8 grams, the
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days; a picture of suffering which we never see, and happily
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time, diaphoretic ; and as such, antimony and nitras
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action in vitro but if allowed to remain in contact with the bacteria
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any slipping, for it is this very thing that is most likely to produce fatal
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waiting for the arrival of the articles we encouraged perseverance
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point of view,4ies rather in the nature of its soil and atmosphere
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of the dejjres-iing influence of the diphtheritic poison,
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In the differential diagnosis of acute generalised meningitis and
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flicted. This valuable article has been found higldy beneficial in restoring the na-
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spinal cord injuries at or above T-6 — is likely to be less
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Dr. Duncan, referring to the occurrence of menstruation during the early
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pains, or, if of an hysteric temperament, will be teased with slight
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wound has entirely healed, and patient was discharged,
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The value of baths in promoting nutrition is often overlooked in
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the appearance of the patient of late, whether he had shown signs of agi-
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ance of the disease in the first case after the use of sterilized milk is con-
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common in the lymphatic than in the splenomedullary form of
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Sciences for July, 1884, a case of tubal pregnancy, in
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tion and diffusion of various infectious diseases, such
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We saw the child in less tiian three minutes. He lay almost
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F. P. Graham, of Lisbon, who has been critically ill with pneumonia