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The act in question provides that in each such State

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ter, incurable, or whose cure it would be imprudent to attempt.

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Third. The testimony of the individual upon the circum-

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large and require so much nourishment from her as to interfere with

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These bodies are about three times their normal size, and

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wfaidi renders them apt to tear — the haemorrhagic diathesis — ^therefore,

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stupor, coma, acute nephritis and cystitis. Six drachms of

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posts in time of peace; they had become Lieutenants and

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Sir J. Pakington said that, having had the honour of

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Glasgow, submitted at the half-yearly meeting of the Council

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ing to the X-Ray, but when deeply seated little effect is

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Another and more indispensible means of cleansing the ali-

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rubbing; if these fail, use Iodine Ointment. See treatment

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strictures may be relieved, and some cured, by dilatation,

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on information from the first prenatal visit because the

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after incision of the lateral folds of the peritoneum,

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to approach your Majesty to tender to you respectfully

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speak more slowly than usual, and far more than the usual attention was neces-

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that much regard will be paid to the titles of books, any more

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tration. I injected the serum, furnished by the Pas-

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aided by considering the history of hospitals, and the

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so alarming both to the boy and to the parent when it is first discov-

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so as to avoid danger, and we have learned to-day how to

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Professor Close has received numerous nattering offers from other col-

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sia usually corresponds to the peculiar symptom known as echolalia.

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