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Horn, given hy John D. Allen, Worthingto7i, Indiana.

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masses of glands which constitute the three tonsils is, I

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Amount of milk confined=835 c.c. Amount of hydrogen over the milk=915 c.c.

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proportion to any possible benefits arising from its use ; indeed, it

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a few words a plan of treatment when there is such a

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1980 on repairing the results of our neglect of health — that

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kidneys, and also the presence of certain organisms themselves.

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are the preparations of iron in most common use. From the estimate

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pection work. Figs. 13 and 14 are the exterior and interior views

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mittance is by bank check or postal money order, drawn tc the

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combating it by serum therapeutics, but as regards the pneumococcus some

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are usually obscure, and one would hesitate to frame any generalisation

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of that time, observed its latent period in the system, and reappeared

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Another agency has lately ar'sen whose mission is not yet

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and paralysis of the sphincter iridis were upon the right

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•of the spinal cord can be distinguished from the I'est.

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whole eyeball inflamed, and the lens, with ', 1860.

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Pembina, Dakota, and report to the commanding officer of