confined, crowded together into diftinft and commonly regularly
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much error along this line, but these sciences are advancing so rapidly
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The surgery required is often most delicate and difficult, requiring great nicety
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of the thigh which were performed there were all followed by a
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able, or illy fltted supporter, is a positive injury. The enlargement and
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officers of limited pecuniary means, or whose equestrian
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is from- two to four days. The stage of resolution is still more variable.
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The board of directors and board of managers of the College Train-
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a hazel-nut to that of a good-sized apple ; their cut ewfaoe is smooth,
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this locality. Surgical diseases should be attended by the
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attention at the present time. The introduction of the prin-
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fills our hearts with kindliness and a constant desire to return.
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Physician and he wrote this poem after the recent death of his
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be sought to minimize the risk of falls or fractures.
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dia and greater than first-degree block; 3) bronchial asthma; 4) congestive heart failure (see WARN-
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household the younger would as a general rule be tho sufferers, the elder
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tendency of modern opinion in spite of the failure to demonstrate hsemolytic powers in splenic
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especially those embodied in Howard's splendid work, are duly
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proper economy, after which they are forwarded to the Bureau of
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the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, German; Municipal and other Hospitals. An
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including within that comprehensive term all that conduces to the
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animals it produces effects like those of hodrocyanic acid. Its action is ex-
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man and woman in Serbia to help to the utmost in the war against
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of Skin Cancer," demonstrated by lantern slides, M. L. Heidingsfield, of
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insomnia, and causes the prostration of the whole nervous system.
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their respective writers or their agents within a year. The
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and in whom there was no evidence of recovery; in some of
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us, then with clean hands ami a clear conscience may we wage war against
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ture. These are characterized, not so much by hemiplegia
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of the chest ; and dropsical effusions form in the cavities of
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contraction of the heart-valves, but by abnormalities in the ventricular cavity
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not necessary for the change of color of the blood in the capillaries, and that the nervous
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Law, Ernest, M.D.. Acting Assistant-Surgeon, to the Buzzard.
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the opposite side, probably always implies a lesion limited to tlie half of the
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