temperature is nearly normal, while last night it was
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served in simple acute catarrh. The hyperaemia of one is
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influence of all the activities of the arc, or the exclusion of
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say that they have worked with efficiency, and have
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The patient is examined in the morning on an empty stomach.
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Lawton's original observations were abundantly confirmed and amplified.
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The mechanical retention of particles occurred in the above described
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the mariner has the ability to sail his ship, or whether
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20. Strumpt, I. J.: Primary ovarian pregnancy with living
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hospital-based teaching program. Excellent salary, on call and
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be altogetlicr overlooked, as they were in the treatment of Sarah M'Millan and
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sionally intermitting pulse, indicated a probably fatty and weak heart.
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vigorating, and favorable alike to mental and physical
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pretty well filled with blood clots. On examining the intestine,
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delivered the Croonian Lectures for 1880, thus speaks of the
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I now turn to the practical side of medicine, by which is to be under
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tin- I.,-i,in MU-,t h, 1,1 i!i th, Ciinintinn Hall.
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Tracheal tugging is a sign which should be always looked for, as
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A. Fordyce, of New York ; A Further Study of Alopecia
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that it is composed of a real cavernous tissue^ whose spaces are
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tration of the office. No matter how honest and well-inten-
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sight as well as the local anaesthetic had been successful. He is to
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to the unprotected limb a fixative material composed of wood fibre
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manner, which is safer and cheaper while equally eff'ec-
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soluble, rapid in action, nonirritant, easily diffused, easily eliminated and
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the sulphurous mineral waters have been recommended. Common alum
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regulates the nomination of the teachers of the Medical Schools,
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years. Since 1903, after an attack of typhoid fever, patient has
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which has been rectified, but not entirely freed from the
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ours. Whether it does them any good or not we are not
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form of epidemic skin disease, the evidence falls short of proof ; but the
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The precautions which would have to be adopted were
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tions, relax contracted muscles, nerve tissue, partial or
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kind, columnar epithelial '-ells forming ami separating in -real abund