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sinuses and closed cavities, and the latter dilate into cysts
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Si'hnabel. Kleine Beitiiiiio zur Lebre von der A ugen-
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general infection come on within twenty-four to thirty-six hours; in
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accuracy in delivery and saving your office help valuable time.
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The wound of exit is in very nearly the same condition. It gives
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without any suggestive symptoms, and apeutic inference is the advisability of ad-
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nach experimentellen Impfungen. Ztschr. f. klin. Med.,
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regularly removed, is no nuifance ; but when the filth and blood
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length, and under the same conditions, but having a diameter
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{Archives de Physiologic Noriiiale et Paihologique, No.
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anaemia the disturbance occasioned in the formation and development of
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employed. It is most efficient when given by enema, provided it be admin-
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is now present on the legs as Avell as chest. Pulse 130, small ; urine not coagulable.
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velles methodes ])our guerir I'ect ro]iion consecutif aux
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Evening Session, 8 o'clock p. m. — President's Address, by J. B. Marvin, M. D.,
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courage in making a stout resistance where a weaker man might
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death following from shock, within four hours. In a
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Application: Add four drops of the tincture, to two tablespoonfuls of
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section of the joint. The operation was consequently
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ure to cold, privation, or mental or physical shock. The original symp-
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cord are affected. Ultimately many tabid patients pass into a condition of
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and had become an integral part of the family life of the lower
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called Kroo-men, all along the coast. This class of people are therefore very
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pontine, or bulbar origin are characterized by satel-
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to see her in consultation. On that date nothing was known as to the
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m either case the effect may be precisely or nearly the same. Vicarious
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noted an eosinophilia of 43 percent in a case of multiple infection with the Medina worm.
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peated examinations and thorough training, is always
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The Chairman, Dr. Johnson : The Chair appoints as the Com-
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patient was trephined twice, and in spite of the extensive
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expected ; but the fact that so many have been heralded to the profession
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occurred — for example, the thermometer at Birr Castle stood at
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Reinfections or relapses in scarlet fever occur oftener than
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scarlet fever was finally distinguished from measles . . .
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spleen slightly enlarged. The fastigium was not marked by
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of 7hT Tancient custom may be set aside during the life of the wife it is ^ardly ,
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taining water, and placed on the floor. A circumstance that hap-
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fice of Continuing Education, Charles R. Drew' Postgraduate Med-