be considered compound fractures of the skull. They
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calculated accordingly. In all parasitic or fungoid dis-
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Fig. 5. — A common picture of a lateral adhesion, which prevents the lung from
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mosquito is an important agent both in liberating and in transmitting it.
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appears to exist between intestinal irritation and paralysis.
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comjjlete right hemiplegia and hemianaesthesia, in Avhich the left lobe
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Bader, and Dixon, are men who knoAv how to teach and
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providers and eliminate some of the hassle for them. They
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bone upon the outside of the affected joint, which aids in the
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grease to the forme of an unguent or salve, cureth all inflamma-
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an inch in length, completely filling the vessel. On the right ad« U>ere
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mal abdominal pain is present. Says his head aches. I pre-
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the organic degenerations which are beyond our con-
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this country. It has been sometimes called spurious melanosis.
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1885, vii, 273-276. — Trclat (TT.) & Terrier (F.) I'yo-
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Dr. Barclay considers it little better than a "jest"
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stre de l'int<5rieur relativement a la n^cessite de
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and walks. Electro- and Hydro-therapeutic advantages are unexcelled. Trained nurses, hot water
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was a young gentleman who was interrupted, while reading for honours at
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chapter, on the '' Secondary Nervous Centres or Sensory
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the functions performed b j- the body, the student will
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of the aneurism, and details two cases in support of his opinion.
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sponding to his sensations of distress. He studies all the " medical
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8 Arch, de Med. Exper. et d'Anat. Path., July, 1903.
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little on the under surface of the right frontal lobe and on the tip of the left
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ish arterial action this is a beneficial prescription, but if the object is
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den diarrheas with which two-legged pigs are sometimes surprised. It was a