Repr. from: Am. J. M. Sc., Phila., 1893, n. s., cvi.

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can hope to use red corpuscles instead of tissues of the precise sort

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co-operation between the general physician and the laryiigologist in cases of

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Prognosis. — The outlook is in the highest degree unfavorable. Death

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has given origin to what is called bacteriological thera-

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contained in the lungs and trachea, and caused by the final forcible

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perature was 101.4° F., and in the afternoon 103 2° F.

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consideration cannot be given too free or too wide pub-

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on. colour ; the tonsils are also swollen and enlarged. The difficulty of

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having been no medical attendant during the last illness These

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confidence, but he believed that the period of infectivity was of

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Clinical Recorder with Wm. S. Gottheil, M.D., of New York, as

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ation and embolic foci in the lungs, spleen, liver, or brain, may

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relatively rapid adjustment to the complex demands of working in

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depth, and to cease somewhat abruptly. Under the microscope is to be seen

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and Chirurgical Society were much interested in a paper read

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qualities : " Nous avons k notre disposition un produit naturel

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contract for a new fence around the grounds of the Hospital, at

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269 ; and Dr. Carpenter's Human Physiology, 6th ed.,

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to whom he sells his rights. Arc the powers of the Union to be tram-

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sluggish, rare, thoracic heavings, as profound* a case of collapse as ever

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nion have sufficient force to allow the question still to remain

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(i,) Wash and cocainize the bladder according to well-known rules.

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Dr. Rislet, who had seen it nine years ago. Glasses were or-

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hthotomy. There was not the slightest disposition to

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due to the presence of effete products — metamorphoses of