disorders. Specifically designed to meet the unique
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and where the affairs of quarantine are administered, including resi-
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of disturbance in the cerebral organs; the last, or spasms, result
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ished, was attacked three weeks ago with the eruption
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tically so light as to add nothing of any consequence to the weight of
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appendix, which are considered by some to be respon-
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Tlie two other cases I have to report have come under my own
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and those that previously to 1890 conferred degrees
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bubbles of CO2 gas, which, settling on the surface of the
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are legion ; and the shape and composition of this little instru-
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be removed, as should the true hypertrophic type. The experience
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lence of the poison, Dr. Paquin told of one man who,
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vegetable diuretics. The mustard whey is a favorite remedj' of my col-
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being larger than the right. In its apex was the tumour
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The ball passed between the second and third metatarsal bones near
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On introducing it into the circulation it seems fair to
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that jaundice may arise, in cases of prolonged constipation and in oases
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first signs of recovery is the appearance of a mass of phosphates in
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papules on forehead aud wrists, the mother, however, £ven on the closest
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ment of the uterus and ovaries. On the third day after
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Memphis J. M. Sc., 1889-90, i, 261 -264. -Evans (F. A.)
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sinuses and closed cavities, and the latter dilate into cysts
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plates are well worth consulting. In this place a mere outline only of this
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acid, etc.), which are bodies of even greater oxidising
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of quarantining primary cases, and all cases. I believe, when
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meuts, each of which holds the allowance for a ward. The
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secretions and subsequantly causing vomiting of the same. A minute dose should
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need to undergo the Pasteur treatment. Because of the present
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