Infantile paralysis of cerebral origin includes a large number of
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various nervous symptoms — especially by feelings of depression, irri-
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4. Contagiousness of puerperal fever, by Dr. Oliver W. Holmes (July,
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Strong beef tea, made from finely chopped lean meat and cold water, grad-
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simultaneously the first scientific account of the subject was published by
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directly to the heart. It will be seen that the portal vein termin-
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brought tlie edges together with a number of wire sutures: the
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that Dr. Mork gained his M.D., at Hamline, at the age
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have lieen ol)tained equal to the l)est obtained with special plates.
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mortality from tuberculosis had decreased. In places where phthisis was
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children. During her last two confinements she suffered from symptoms of
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Dr. Andrew Wood : Because it suited you better to take
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stomach contained fifty-two foreign bodies, which together
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long and straight piece of steel, to which, at right angles,
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University Dispensary. He was brought into my room complaining of
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schedule of studies above presented, may do so, and be relieved
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vided. Fifteen percent of respondents agreed that “patients
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oakum, held in place by a bandage, to replace the function of
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'o be, if we may so apply the term, a congenital condition. There are,
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— M. STF.rriAN-oroiTi.os in La Medicine Moderne, Dec.
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the other often presents the ascending form of disease.
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Of the different remedies which have been noticed, all arc doubtless
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Typically as a family physician, I am the entry for my
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actually does take place. He adds that, in doses of from
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of epilep.'iy cured.] Gyosyiszat, Budapest, 1897, xxxvii,
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This biliary infection is present in practically all cases of incomplete
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and enables him, when a patient comes twice under his notice,
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Crols' (0.) Sul ciclo evolutivo dei parassiti malarici
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of the brain itself, when the condition may best be described as tuber-
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infiltration, by pressing on the spinal cord, occasioned incipienl symptoms
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July 10th, 12 u. Tetanic spasms have increased in frequency and violence ; bowels obsti-
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apparatus could be raised only to 180°, 70° below the proper standard. It also
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As regards the secondary palsies, it is difiicult to see how
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respiratory rhythm. He found that the normal rhythm will
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tbat twelve per cent, of adults and two per cent, of chil-
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fine yjair of forceps, the edges were made tense, Mr.
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turbance. About three months after he had first been seen,
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cork and is gently inverted several times, with avoidance of shaking. After
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