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six; recovery, complete or almost complete, seven ; improvement,
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showed not less than twelve large tuberculous centers and accompanying
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The results of operative treatment for neuralgia are much the
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determines whether tuberculosis will develop, and not the opportunities
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the end of the cannula to irritate the lung by rubbing
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by a large nucleolus. The nucleus, which varies in size, according to
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by the avoidance of every constriction (strangulation), and the remo-
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but recall with much pleasure the effects from this remedy..
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be turned in and held in that position. It may be necessary to apply
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probably a result of general arteriosclerosis, or a
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a tampon of gauze or wadding to the neck of the uterus,
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tion for such examination shall be received from any person not in
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liteal artery was found obliterated as far np as the tendon
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of the asafetida, when a strong tingling sensation was experi-
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quent introduction of any instrument into the stom-
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It is curious that she now avers, that the tracts of skin supplied
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^"/Str s^z^^bStrwin^be'^'rwarded free to an. physician, upon receipt of .s cents to pa.
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systolic, 75 diastolic. The bowels are usually constipated. The urine
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to the side of the lesion, recovered within three days to such an extent
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real or suspected, and I hope these remarks may have some
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fever, and he found Spiritus Mindereri and all the usual remedies in ordinary
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a reputation of special success in the treatment of fevers.
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down two flights of stairs, a distance of twenty-five or thirty
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founded by subscription a bursary in Aberdeen University in
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color at the root, deep red just below the tip, and in the middle
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A Supposed Testicle removed from the Vagina of an Hermaph-
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appearance of pus. It was noticeable that on removal of pressure
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Not extreme limitation of motion as in T. B. because there is no
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peculiar to the typhoid infection. The specific gravity as a rule is
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to prove that it had spread from any centre. The severity of
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cil on the 6th inst., Mr. J. Booth, C.B., in the chair, after the
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the recommendation of not expressing any thing erroneous or doubtful in
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phia and so on perhaps does something, but I doubt it, gentlemen. The
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upwards and may even involve the primitive colon above
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