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"Face," 1877. 103. TROUSSEAU. Clin. med. de I'ffdtel-Dieu, Par. 1868, iii. p. 257.

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infants who contracted perinatal HBV infections were fre-

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cases an eccentric irritant may be detected, or something which may be

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biology, the chief, if not the only, aim, is to study the

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evolved from the action of diluted sulphuric or hydrochloric acid on zinc.

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prove ; and he regards it as the most healthful country

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from Osteo- Myelitis of Femur — Litholapaxy — Genu

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With the pancreatic liquor Dr. R. exhibited milk could be

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as an .r-ray starts when an electron is suddenly stopped. Starting

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By F. DE Havilland Hall, M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician to and Joint

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constructed of clay or brick, and consist of one-storied buildings

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these only, is it not natural and reasonable that the student

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We are glad to welcome another distinctively American work on

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what appear to !"•■ different causes produce similar effects. Thus violent.

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gate this problem and report to this Society at our next annual

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The immediate effects of usiog electricity in the vast

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been enumerated may take place. In some cases the newly-formed blood-

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right eye, but can read very large print She has no headaches and

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action. Proc. W. Lond. Med.-Cbir. Soc. 1884-6, Lond,,

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show you the mesosigmoid. Here is the point close to the bowel, yet

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he Avas seen by my colleague, Mr. Cantlie, avIio at OTice

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Several of the patients reported have had metrorrhagia and menor-

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cago, Milwaukee & St. Paul; the Northwestern; the

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acid and subsequent coloration with Giemsa's stain or other

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changes may be observed in the trapezius. The spasm varies

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the form of the pupils. Argyll-Robertson pupils were

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riac region (accompanied, perhaps, by nausea and other gas-

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the subject under repeated consideration, but without as yet coming to any

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ITew Hospital for Insane. — ^The new county insane asylum

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benefit. In one or more cases the patients had hyper-

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