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The time that has elapsed since the date of our organization forms
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fied with, or desired to limit, family size; (2) they
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sorbed, because in these two days and nights the patient received a
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take the establishment of a clinical school with less than a 200-bed
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• A piece of fine old linen rag, rolled tight into a cylindrical form, and of a
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During Labor in 150 Consecutive Cases. — W. Osborne
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and bleeding in the rectum is due to mechanical causes, and how little
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tuberculosis gradually improve, that the cough and perspira-
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cological faculties are, consequently, attached to the exercise of
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rator in both of these cases, of which one recovered. The shock, in such a
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pleural adhesion, or slate-colored induration ; while
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of the oywtogenous tissue at the pharyngeal orifice; oedema <
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pathological condition that the binder is not unfrequently put
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advantages and inconveniences respectively of the dif-
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the organ, but absent inside and below. It is, in fact, in these directions
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from the firm of Friedr. Bayer & Co., Elberfeld, the producers of
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which had become black and strangulated. This was released and the
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was no retention of urine, or other bad symptoms, except pain, during
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$100 for each and every car used, operated, or run,
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I only mention this operation to state that, in my opinion, it
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up, then small shreddy sloughs appeared in the wound ;
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"By the displacement of the fragments, which results from
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1903 there were 1,696 medical students attending the Swiss
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1, according to the valve affected ; 2, according to
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560 Proceedings of Suffolk District Medical Society. [November 9,
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the same state. There W'as no appearance of dropsical effusion about
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but a large proportion of constiiutional diseases were
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despite the circulation of water. The apparatus is therefore
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soon thrown off as useless under the law of metamorphic change of