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de Cans, Father Teurechon, Father Kircher, Edward Somerset,
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than for those suffering from tuberculosis. In conclusion
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in her address. This commission had made a national health survey. This
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dered, and the limb placed upon a Liston j November. Some small amount of in-
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fessed by Klein, Eicbeimer, Chelius, Zang, Beck, Behr, Steigmann,
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of ascites, hydrothorax, or even hydrocephalus. When from cold
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glycolic acid peels and tretinoin creams
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the guide of any kind, or where we endanger our patient's life by pro-
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century Dr Gregory of Aberdeen's account for medicine to Mrs
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ply sufficient qualitative or quantitative nutriment mate-
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found in the fact that the patient, according to her friends, had suffered
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prevents the waste of the tissues. The most general indication in
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turbances are so limited to single organs that we can speak
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or had been arrested by the physician, but the condition of the
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From the time of last ojjeration until tleath, June,
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the Academy of Medicine in 1869, then President of the Surgical
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to allay pain is the hypodermatic injection of morphia. The stomachal
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a large portion of vitreous, with tlie hyaloid fossa [?] attached
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care. We had a small medical ward with about six beds in
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It is worthy of notice that while the Company transacts both Fire and
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2.6% of carbolic acid. Three months later it contained
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trotomy when the child is in the peritoneal cavity ; of turning
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generally, however trifling their consequences may seem
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arrangements. And to these compensatory powers it is due, as
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Abdomen, — ^The kidneys were large, congested, and dripping with
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decomposition of water, according to the folloAving equation : — As
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of the cutaneous transpiration. It is a popular notion that many diseases
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is treated of at some length, and the methods to be employed in
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excited the ganglia at the base of the brain, so that it is to them, and not to centres localised
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In the majority of cases the symptoms just described dis-
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School of Medicine and School of Dentistry. Assist-