abstain largely from the pleasures of society, from diversions and recreations of

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fibrotic. Cirrhosis of the liver has been found in association with pneu-

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woman, aged thirty years, with involvement of the entire right leg

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ses of the respiratory centre are similar, and you can-

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tions and the like. The practice of drugging for its own

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Presumably the last process takes place also without

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morbid action, operating in conjunction with a morbid state, which had already

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hospital, where the hemorrhage was checked with the

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St. Clair Buxton and others, and he points out internal

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endeavors were crowned with success, and schools of this

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dents, and thos^ physicians who are not membersof the society, are often

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— the forerunner of the dreaded black vomit. The stools are pasty and

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Bov^e, Henry. Kolischer, Watkins, Dudley, Andr. Smith, RIes, and.

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of Carbolic Acid or a solution of lime in water of the consistency

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Butler (Dr. W. H.) — A Case of Purpera Haemorrhagica 183

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perhaps, the immediate clothing of the sick. On this subject of conta-

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Iievi ( L. ) De r6rythionj61alKit! ; .syndrome de Weir-

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Write for Sample, also for one of our new Glass (stei-ilizable) Tongue Depressors.

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Lithotomy, 49 ; 4 deaths. Lithotrity, 1 ; successful.

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headache. Suddenly there was a spasm of pain and blood

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one of you for your presence, for your friendship, for your

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Dr. a. W. Knox, Raleigh: I utterly fail to recognize myself in what

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The injurious influence of the adhesions is simply demonstrated

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tion to general practice he gave special attention to orthopedic

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The success of these determinations, and certainly their

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withholding the bad foot the well one hastens forward to do

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which books might be written — ^viz., Pergamentum (our

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'^ Salkowski : Beitrfige zur Eenntniss der Leuktimie. Virchow's

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lower third; the posterior axillary fold was uncovered and the

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percussion, and uuHcultution. Tlic dclnila in reference

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in a moderately warm place, and frequently stin-ed ; it was then fil-

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some additional pages. The index covers thirty-eight in-

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recognised as present, which made it highly probable that the stains

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of the best oculists of the present day. We believe also that many cases

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