frequency nor pain on micturition ; the urine may be normal as to its amount

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bowels. I have seen no case reported with abdominal colic, such as is so

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or both, but in cancer, venous metastasis is relatively common, owing doubt-

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Digestive disturbances sooner or later make their appearance. A loss

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reported as one of improvement under thyroid feeding. Thymus has also

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Stomach and Intestines. — ^The stomach and intestines frequently show

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Purulent Thyroiditis.— Puruhnt thyroiditis is rare, but sometimes follows

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or inmiediate relatives. Among the causes assigned we find innerited

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!" liplieral end of the <'arotid of the other animal, thus estahlishini; a

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intended to cover additional risk of accident only. As in the case of blindness,

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soon followed by Pavy' and Potain." Finally, m 1865, Wilks* wrote upon the

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"111. After such an operation, even uliile in the aoii/mital posititm. as

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the most proufuineed results, not only on jrrowth and nourishment. Init

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The skin in generah is often yellowish or brown. Over the nose it is

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deposits, presumably of lime, embedded therein. "Klotz showed that if

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place where the disease is endemic. Not only are the localities circumscribed

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Treatment. — All possible infectious or toxic causes should be, as far as

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to explain as the resiJt of fracture. There is ground for strong doubt, how-

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and bore, in fact, with perfect serenity, the repeated

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Cocaine takers, on the other hand, often acquire the habit by the use of nasal

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