the growth to be mucous polyps which had undergone osteocystic de-

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is 6 ; the number of samples containing less than IG per cent is 24 ; the

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entirely, and in all circumstances ; for this 1 have never done. I have

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Wednesday.. . St. Mary's, 1 p.m. — Middlesex, 1 p.m.— University

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dred calories per hour in a man weighing one hundred and

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cures it is uncertain whether the tonic action of the bathing and the

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much better ; scarcely any cough or expectoration ; there

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By D. W. Johnston, M.D., Surgeon to the Officers' Hospital,

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many cases the nutrient cells of the upper segment, that is the cortical

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the other, much weaker, for use in writing and read-

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diate parts of the ureter are practically beyond the

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destroying life rapidly. The oil would be easily recognized, either before or

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The Social Science Review has the following calcula-

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Again, the utmost efforts of the teacher will fail to keep up the

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its apex than elsewhere, and least at its orifice, because of the pres-

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til the root is exhausted. Evaj^orate with water bath

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A period of three years of general practice is insufficient to

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in various proportions with mildly astringent or anti-

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the entire thickness of the skull. He then, without further delay,

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reference to clinical history, causation, and diagnosis, it will suffice to

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McBrayer, R., Sanatorium, Univ. of Pa., 1916 1916 1917

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ing gyri. The parts of the hemisphere which must have suffered

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retained. Aside from the rejection of the remedy, vomiting is, if possible,

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million for fiscal 1977 for the Institute, part of the

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shorter the course. Disease of kidneys commonly found. If

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directly curative; viz., the force and extent to which

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of their official duties, but not to exceed a total of

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intemus longus nerves in the sulcus bicipitalis. Immediate relief of the symptoms. Trismus

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the umbilicus. There were no peritoneal adhesions. Omentum

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infections in every patient whom we are inclined to af-

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it is the last pandemic which has especially directed attention to the

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I cannot write at any length today, for fear of stirring up

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the large intestine, the parts most liable to suffer primarily are first, the

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pinging upon the middle turbinate body and obstnicting the ventilation