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lungs, and absorbed into the circulation. In the same manner, consumption, where

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forget you in our daily supplications before the throne of grace.

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resection, &c.) never before tried on any large scale in military

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of his superficial area has been developed by years of contact

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person, BO often does a bad ruler get into the stomach of the nation, and there fattens

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not possessed by other countries far more highly favoured in

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kept on a minimum nitrogen intake. This can be a question of

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habits. More than 200,000 courtezans are now sowing the seeds of venereal dis-

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affected by rheumatism, enlarged, ossified, ulcerated, cancerous, or tumorous, the

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Europe. The plan of treatment employed has been more lax

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Orders by letter from merchants in any part of the country, addressed to Dr. n.

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7. Schloss, O. M.: Allergy in Infants and Children, Amer. Jour. Dis. Child.,

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ject, is given to us in some two hundred small quarto pages,

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disturbance of the h face of the body will be pale, the muscl

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sometimes become cystoid, or will put on some of the characters

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arsenic, a subject by this time nearly exhausted, but he has done so

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material just above the site of the left tonsil. Culture shows

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either may precede the other; or — ^a very strong argument

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the extremes of heat and cold, but cannot distinguish between

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cannot, it would seem, as yet, be given with perfect accuracy, but

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disease improves, remains unchanged, becomes more severe, or

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adiposity and focal eye symptoms. The rarer type is the periodic

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of rye bread was found to be 115 mg. per 100 c.c. From the

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severe sympathetic ophthalmia was only developed in the first two

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translucent, and on the application of iodine assumed the charac-

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due to the splenectomy or merely to a long duration of the case.

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" the exit of," read " altering "; and in the line below, read ** are," in place of

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iili night, and i ; -I Incapable of the smallest exertion, and who are, therefore,

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which medical men are prone to accept and make use of evidence^

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the wise man, said, " Children's children are the crown of old men, and the glory

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write a new work on a more extended basis. Their ' Verlet-

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Whether many passenger or merchant-ships at Malta, or after leaving

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Induration. (Archives Centrales, Nov.) — Boulongue. Treatment

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reform him, the chances are ten to one that his after career will cost society, in

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ease. I would advise the discontinuance of their use. Though you may save by

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functional activity of the kidneys alone, we are prone to misjudge the

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