in 1839," by Dr. William Gibson, of Pennsylvania. After
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tigation of, 249, 278 ; Dr. Foster on sphygmograph in
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She very soon after passed from my notice, and having nothing bearing
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Alcarnoae. Allfr. nied. Oentr.-Ztg., J5erl., 189H, Ixvii, 6:il.—
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goes with hypertrophy of the heart, this is not surprising.
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specially for each case, so that they fit well. I had operated under general
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the oesophagus being pressed between the cartilages of the larynx and
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as there is marked fetor of the breath, the condition may be mistaken
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settled state of opinion on this subject. Dr. Chadwick'a new
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tality has not been great, and I should say that the epidemic
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{>erfect possession of this art ; but among themselves they
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20. Pityriasis Versicolor. — From his experience Sobel con-
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7th. All agree that lymph in tubes is uncertain, unless only a few
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stifled, and all without the knowledge of the patient
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definitely a Ministry of Health. Apart from that there had
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child aged two months, resembUng the air-sac which is found in certain
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patient of Galewsky reacted to his eigh- jections into the peritoneal cavity as a
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that as it may, this paper will confine itself to the brief
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& Forget.] Fissm p coiid^nitale du aterniini [etc.]. 8°.
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and I have no doubt that in the examination he speaks of there was no hesitancy whatever
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transaction on the popularizing of autopsies and ana-
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after death from that disease, u an unusual swelling of the bron-
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maxillary triangles renders excision of the tongue by Whitehead's method,
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Thursdays, 7-9 p.m. March 30-May 18 ($30.00 per session)
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A Sixteen-ounce Bottle to Physicians who will pay Express Charges.
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it in minute traces; INIinkowski and Klemperer were unable to demon-
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|)assed at the January meeting, presented the proceed-
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have terminated suddenly and fatally from this malady alone.
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Pneumonia without bronchitis is probably never seen.
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In the early stages the ovum is still in the tube. Its destruction by admin-
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ry, 1841, for the purpose of organizing a State Medical Society."
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The usual appearance of the disease when we are consulted
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with the larger, and having no corresponding auricle. A small pulmonary
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always to be preferred to precept, however excellent it may be.
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The patient should be kept in bed until the desquamation entirely ceases,
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forearm. It grew gradually from a diameter of J of an inch up to
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forced extension. When this is done, the tongue is sepa-
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of pus was already distributed throughout the peri-