Gargle in the Mouth, it cleanfes, drys up, and heals

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(Case 272595.) X-ray of intratlioracie goitre of patient shown in Figure .i, before operation.

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flat c refled black Berry, containing therein, fmall

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VI. As to its Vitalities , Specification , Preparati-

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he was noticed to leave the banquet hall and start for his room.

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from olden times been highly extolled, and some of these being

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The occurrence of sudamina during the later stages of the

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bove another, each whereof is very like a fmall Ear

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of, opens its ObftruHions, and mollifies all the Parts

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Since a few weeks following scarlatina he suffers from violent facial

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grow on the Stalk, and the finer cut in on the edges

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on the upper fide, and whitifh underneath, but much

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hereof, viz. r . Tragorchis max, Tejiieu/us Hi rein us

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that this bearsa larger Umble or Tuft of Flowers's J

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and it is thus that cocaine, by inducing contraction of the ar-

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etc., and that they should therefore be considered as direct causes.

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like the firji aljo -, and the Leaves of this are fome-

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white Root , with many fibres thereat , running deep

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X OTeiai©- • in Latin , Chamecypariffus, Cupref-

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It can readily be understood that experiments to prove the

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Resolved, That the committee on legislation, by whose efforts

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dered most certainly absolutely antiseptic appears to be that to

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It seems to be more firmly established that appendicitis be-

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gives relief to the Nerves, ftrengthens the Liver and

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Flower in this is of a pale reddifh Purple Color, com-

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and long at the bottom , and broader , and almoj ? round

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which is White , divided into feveral Branches , and

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ceeding from Obftru&ions, Colds, Blows, and the

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if there be any hopes of reftoration ; anointed over

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were highly valued by his medical brethren as the product of a

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and ye Ids Milk, being broken, from this Root Jprings

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flower , called alfo Caryophyllus Silefiacus , The Si/e-

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took this Trouble upon us, to infert them into this

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has a great long Root, of a blackifh brown cn the out-

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ing Fits, prevails againft palpitation of the Heart,

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injuries were considered almost inevitably fatal, later statistics

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the firft five and the feventh, 1 . A Liquid Juice.

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with an hoary Down , having feveral long and narrow

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Traube was the first to notice the resemblance of these lesions

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called in his time, viz. Scylla radiee rubra * Which

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cricket ball have been removed. In several instances masses

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I he Bafiard Kinds cool, are profitable againft Infla-