overloaded, from the drains, the ovens, the fermenta-
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North and South America, the West Indies, Africa, Europe, Japan,
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to be taken into account. Whenever the question arises, in the managemmt
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Enteroptosis — 266, 502; etiology, symptomatology,
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connection between heating and air-supply, and shows
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professedly written on the theory and practice of medicine. The design,
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strain upon the perinaeum ; and by adding to the length of
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Resection of the Liver. — Terrier and Auvray (Rev. de Chir., Sep-
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centre for medical research. I doubt if anyone here more fully
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Two months after entrance physical examination showed marked im-
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during the worst of the epidemic, at places where the people, seized
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He had first called the attention of the profession to
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conditions exist which favor peristalsis, fermentation,
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evade this conflict in treating of the man, because there really
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leeches, Misters, moxas, and liniments, were applied without adirantage.
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drain and other pipes connected with dwellings, together
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conjunctiva partly jaundiced, the rest pearly w hite; gums, tongue,
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and 10,000 men by disease, almost entirely typhus. In May-
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Local Government Board, 1904-5, Appendix B, p. 219, Mr. Preston Thomas's
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eases of the Nervous System," vol. i, p. 761, may be consulted.
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characterised maladies ; they may involve any organ of the body, and
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or nearly all of the co-existent, connected diseases show themselves to be of a
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little until she gradually grows stronger and more accustomed to exer<-
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George C. Harlan, M. D., Diseases of the Eye ; J. Henry
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*A clinical lecture delivered in Bellevue Hospital by A. Jacobi, M. D.
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" Religio Medici." Others will call to mind his Latin
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"Whilst practising in Mold, I had the opportunity of seeing
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Also, Reprint.— Suckling (('. W.) A case in which per-