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From 10,000,000 to 25,000,000 organisms per cubic centimeter 14

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M. J., 1889, xlix, 598. — McWhanncll ( L. ) - Death

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Eustachius was the first anatomist to describe with any degree of ac-

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YIII. On the Employment of Injections, especially those of Iodine^

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vessel, the Albatross, has just arrived at Spiihead

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be, to place the patient on a bed, if practicable, and not to attempt to re-

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decomposition of organic materials, vegetable as well

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Brain, On the Currents of Activity in the Frog's 300

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origin of the cyst might Ije found in the somewhat severe injury

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particularly in the cases of "waking" numbness. Occasionally in healthy

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Sixty-nine hours after the paroxysm (three hours before the