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diffuse pigmentation. Slight enlargement of lymph nodes in the posterior

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advances in knowledge as to the blood gases and the physiology of

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In the neighborhood, only three hundred yards distant,

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guard against the contamination of food by rats and mice. More-

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Eegarding the constitutional effects of the remedy, these observers

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Dr-Mrs Donald M Rowe — Ludwig Gruenewald, MD; Arthur G Kroos, MD; Mr-Mrs Otto

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nities of studying iledical etiquette even in its most prominent bearings.

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Intestinal fluid entering the colon contains about 125

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author had had several years' experience in treating these cases,

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Arch. f. klin. Cbir., Berl., 1877, xx, 708-770, 2 pi.— i»I '11-

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animation, so that the patient runs a great risk of being buried alive.

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functions of the body are seen in the daily routine of a metro-

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sharpen an indifferent appetite if given a short time

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whole face. The sight of agreeable food provokes the saliva; it is not unusual for some persons to vomit or be

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that it is the best antidote ; and the fact that it is the best anti-

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and to ease suffering. And their patients were not imper-

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Recently sodium cacodylate has been used with results that lead to the